Surly 8-Pack Rack, 24-Pack Rack, and Surly Pack Rat Bicycles with these Racks

8-Pack Rack

24-Pack Rack

Surly 8-Pack Rack, silver Surly 24-Pack Rack, silver
Surly 8-Pack Rack, black Surly 24-Pack Rack, black

In some instances the rack can loosen and contact the front wheel, which could lead to an accident. Please immediately remove the rack from your bicycle and bring it to the shop that you purchased the rack from, or your nearest bike shop to have your rack updated with a Security Kit. For questions call our toll-free number:

(877) 946-9333


contact us at:
(Surly Bikes, a wholly-owned brand of Quality Bicycle Products)
Post until ___________ (120 days)

*Done in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission*

Visit our Rack Safety Recall Form.